my puppies are available until i receive a deposit.

Havanese Puppies

All puppies are health guaranteed.
If your puppy passes away within the first 3 years of life and your vet feels that the breeder should be help responsible we will replace it for free. 
A $300 dollar deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old. at 8 weeks a puppy needs to be paid in full. i will hold a puppy a few extra weeks if needed.
If your puppy isn't picked up by 11 weeks a fee will apply, if a small puppy i might hold him longer. There are many ways to get your puppy home to you -

   1. You can pick it up here at our home.
   2. We can ship your puppy to you for a fee that is usually around $300. 
   3. We would also be happy to drive to meet you for a fee that is adjusted according to distance.
Please read our guarantee page. 
All parents are Eye, Bear, Patella and Cardiac tested. and listed on the OFAsite. All dogs are AKC limited registered (not for breeding)
The price for our Puppies is between 1200 and 1800. 
        ~~~ We are located in HELEN, GA ~~~ 

if you have a noblegold dog and wish to share a letter please mail me and i'll post it, thank you!

nancy at 706-969-0789

Last update 08/25 puppies are sold on  AKC limited registration .    ALL puppies at my kennel use a DOG DOOR from 5 weeks old to POTTY OUTSIDE , these puppies are so easy to potty train to go outside, no indoor potty pads . THE OLDER THE PUP THE MORE POTTY TRAINED IT IS.  If you want to use a potty pad, they will learn that easily too. I reduce prices on less popular colors and some older pups.
this is a tiny chocolate sable boy, he will have the brown lipstick and eyeliner and his coat will be shades of golds, chocolate, and reds. he is 1600.00
small red boy, he is 1600.00 ready about august 11
beautiful black and white boy, should be average size grown. he is 1500.00
choclate irish pied boy, he is 1700.00
this boy is black base color, he has points so he will have gold eyegrows and he is also an irish pied. he is 1500.00
chocolate girl 1800.00
this boy is a chocolate sable parti, he will be a reddish brown with a brown nose, lips and eyerims he is 1600
this boy is a red chocolate sable parti, he will be a reddish brown with a brown nose, lips and eyerims    he is 1600
this is a chocolate sable boy with tan points, he is 1500
this pretty little gold boy is 1500.00