Havanese Puppies
All Noblegold puppies are heath guaranteed.
If your puppy passes away within the first three years and your vet feels that the breeder should be held responsible, I will replace your puppy for free.
A $500 deposit is required to place your puppy on hold. Your balance will need to be paid by the time your puppy reaches 8 weeks of age. Please visit our guarantee page for more deposit information. Puppies held past 10 weeks of age will require a boarding fee which will be due at the time of pick up, delivery, or time of shipping.
If the puppy is a small puppy, I may opt to keep the puppy until it is 12 weeks of age in which you will not be charged a boarding fee.
There are several ways to receive your puppy.
1. Pick up at my home.
2. We can ship the puppy to you. The cost for shipping is normally around $350. We prefer for you to pay $135 for the airport run and pay for your puppy COD at the airport upon picking up your puppy.
3. We will deliver the puppy to you, there will be a fee associated with delivery. See the fee schedule at the bottom of the page.
Call Garrett 706-969-0371or Nancy 706-969-0789
If you have a Noblegold dog, and wish to share a letter, please email it to me and I will post it.
Thank you!
Last Update 09-20 Puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration. All puppies use a doggy door for potty time around 5 weeks of age. We do not use puppy pads. Your puppy should be very easy to potty train. you are dealing with one breeder. Nancy Noble 706-969-0789   I AM HARD TO GET AHOLD OF SOMETIME  
call my son  Garrett Noble 706 768 6765 nights after 5 and sundays
all puppies are 1800,

Schedule of Fees
Deposit ......................................$500
Shipping.....................................$135  plus Airport shipping                                                          paid to airport or 350.00
Delivery .....................................$1.00 per mile
Boarding.....................................$5.00 per day past 10 weeks of age
discounts given on second puppy to same family or extended family members living

this puppy born 4.20

he is 1300.00

he is using a dog door to go outside
click below for more pictures

if you heard the roomer that i am retiring from dogs that is somewhat true, my son will be taking over and between both of us we will just have a few litters available, so dont count on seeing too many puppies next year. we are cutting way back
this boy is 1800.00
 he will be ready end of september
this boy is 1800.00
 he will be ready end of september
this  is my only girl
 she is 1800 00
these three puppies have a grand champion mother and a champion sire  in my opinion the super dark chocolate best show prospect   
1800 limited    and  2500 full
grand champion holloween night, spooky x champion noblegold-nirvava electric lithium